Saturday, November 24, 2012

Hormel Canned Beef Corned Review

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I'm hoping that Hormel's Canned Beef Corned -- what an awkward name -- will be much better than Hormel's Lean Smoked Ham, which I reviewed earlier. Hormel is a huge corporation with many products, and it is virtually impossible to walk through a grocery store and not see one of their products. Hopefully Hormel's Canned Beef Corned will redeem Hormel.

 Upon opening I smell a scent that is similar to canned dog food, not good so far! the canned beef comes out in one large, slimy can-shaped hunk which is obviously chopped bits of beef formed into a loaf. The meat keeps its form well and is easy to slice into thin slices. I suppose this can be fairly presentable if cut into slices.

Meat Obelisks
The mouth feel is somewhat mushy after it yields to the initial bite. The taste of sodium phosphates and sodium nitrites is very powerful and allows the product to imitate traditional corned beef to some extent. However, the fact that this is a formed patty made out of processed beef and pumped with preservatives means that the taste and texture are only a poor imitation of real corned beef. Furthermore, all the phosphates and nitrites in this product aren't too good for your health.

I sliced this up and fried it along with a riced potato to make some corned beef hash that wasn't bad. The taste of Hormel's Canned Beef Corned is much better after browning on a skillet. I give this two and one half obelisks of meat out of five. Not good nor bad, but rather just an average canned meat product.

At least the cat loved it.



  1. The taste and texture are terrible. This does not resemble the original at all.

  2. Just opened a can of Hormel Canned Corned Beef last night and it is horrible. Absolutely miserable product.

  3. What is this stuff? Where is it made? It's inedible. I will not be fooled again. My grocer will be hearing about my dissatisfaction with this awful product.

  4. Check out our website It may be a little more pricey but the flavor is SPOT ON!