Thursday, April 5, 2012

Molinera Squids (pieces) in American Sauce

Price: $1.89 for a 4.06 ounce tin.

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This is another seafood offering from Molinera, a company that cans seafood in Spain. Pulling back the lid reveals medium sized pieces of squid packed nicely into the square tin. The product is a reddish tint due to the “American Sauce” that the product is packed in (Vegetable oil, tomato, onion, spices and salt). A strong smell of seafood is present within this tin and comes bursting forth after removing the lid.
Biting into a chunk of squid reveals a rubbery texture and a very potent taste of seafood that is not unpleasant if you enjoy seafood. The America sauce gives off a faint taste of onions, but it is a bit too salty. Just like with Molinera Octopus in Garlic Sauce, this should be used in a dish that is under salted so that the taste is balanced out.

The size of the pieces of squid and firm texture makes it better than average. The taste of the sea prevalent within this product could add a nice touch to any dish. However, the squid is just too rubbery and the salt is more than what any reasonable person would like.

Due to this I am only able to give Molinera's Squids in America Sauce 3 chunks of squid out of 5. Still above average, but only just a bit.

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