Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Molinera Octopus in Garlic Sauce Review

Price: $1.89 for a 4.06 ounce tin.

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Molinera is a company from Spain so my hopes are high for this tin of Octopus due to the quality of Spanish seafood. Pulling back the lid to the oval can that was deceptively packaged in a box reveals a tin of tightly packed bits of octopus. The faint scent of seafood along with the smell of olive oil escapes from the can. 

 The meat is very tender for canned octopus. The taste of the meat is very good and is accompanied by just the right amount of garlic; however, there is a bit too much salt.

Putting this in a dish with little salt should help to balance out the saltiness of this tin. This is definitely above average for canned octopus because of the tenderness and taste. The pieces are large so the visual appeal is good. Keep in mind that this does have a noticeable amount of garlic when you cook so that you do not overdo this pungent ingredient.

A solidly above average offering from Molinera, but the saltiness brings the score down a bit. I rate this 3 ½ chunks of octopus out of 5. A definite would buy again if I need octopus for a dish in the future. If not for the saltiness I would have given it at least a 4.

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