Sunday, March 18, 2012

King Oscar Finest Brisling Sardines

King Oscar Finest Brisling Sardines
Mediterranean Style with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Herbs of Provence, Red Bell Pepper and Black Olives.

King Oscar was a swarthy fellow

Earthy smell with a hint of fish scent upon opening tin.

This was the best I could get them to look

Eight well-packed sardines that held up to the canning process well with the occasional slice of olive amongst the fish, which are placed upon various herbs. Fish hold up well when lifted with fork. They are not too hard and not too soft. Nice earthy and rich flavor with a pleasant fish taste. The bones are barely detectable and the olives impart a bold, tangy flavor when eaten with the fish. No metallic taste was evident.

Sardines are also low mercury. Since they are low in the food chain the toxins do not build up as much as in large predatory fish like salmon.

These fish would be good in a Mediterranean style salad with a garlic-based dressing, feta cheese and cucumber; however, they also hold up well when served alone as a snack. The olive oil seems to be of a decent quality and would work wonderfully if added to the water in a rice cooker with jasmine rice. I finished the entire tin within 10 minutes.

These fish are easily above average so I will rate them a 4.5 cans out of 5.


  1. I forgot to mention that these were purchased for $2.99 at a local grocery store so they are a bit on the expensive side for 3.75 ounces of sardines.

    1. They have them at my local Meijer store @ $2.50 each. Once a week they stock 20 cans, which I promptly buy. I hope they don't jack the price to keep me from making an empty slot on the shelf.

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